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60 million people across Europe are living with diabetes, equivalent to the total population of Italy. This number is rising rapidly, and many more people are at high risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes leads to serious health complications and places enormous demands on health services, as well as the wider economy and social structures.

A Vision for Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Europe

How can we address this major health challenge? Can we rethink how care for people with diabetes is provided? Are digital means truly an opportunity to improve diabetes care? The answers to these questions come from the paper “A Vision for Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Europe”, that can be downloaded below.

We interviewed a wide range of experts in diabetes about their vision for the future of diabetes care. Their perspectives provide insight on key trends, challenges, and possible solutions, as well as the role of digitisation in empowering people with diabetes and improving the quality of care.

1st Webinar - A Vision for Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Europe

The first of two webinars to discuss the paper’s main findings and themes was held 15 September 2020. Over 100 attendees tuned in to hear co-author Professor John Nolan moderate a panel discussion with Member of the European Parliament Christel Schaldemose [3:30’’], IDF Europe Regional Chair Dr Niti Pall [15:45’’], Chair of ‘Digitalisation’ Committee of the German Diabetes Society Prof Dr. med. Dirk Müller-Wieland [30:00’’], and Diabetes Sector Group Chair Slobodan Radumilo [42:00’’] followed by a lively Q&A session [53:00’’].

See full streaming of the session in the video below.

2nd Webinar - Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Action in Europe

The second webinar to discuss the future of diabetes care was held 20 October 2020. Over 60 high level attendees tuned in to hear Professor John Nolan moderate an engaging discussion with Bastian Hauck [6:00’’], Director of IDF Europe and CEO & Founder of #dedoc° Diabetes Online Community, Tadej Battelino [21:00’’], Chair of Paediatrics at Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana and co-organiser of the ATTD meetings on diabetes technology, Dr. Brian Kennon [32:00’’], Consultant Diabetologist and National Lead for Diabetes (Scotland) at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, and Dr. Ansgar Resch [42:00’’], Divisional Vice President Diabetes Care EMEA, Abbott Diabetes Care.

The panelists zoomed in on digital diabetes care currently in action in Europe today, exploring how practitioners are bridging the gap between the current realities and the digitally enabled future of diabetes treatment and care envisioned in the paper. The conversation touched upon telemedicine and digital solutions being widely adopted and proven to be useful during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as how fully integrated digital care can further improve outcomes and quality of life provided there is appropriate investment and leadership by policymakers.

See full streaming of the session in the video below.